Discover the Tree Trail, a self-guided walking tour of the "woods" in Fort Greene Park, and discover 39 distinct varieties of trees. To start your journey, follow the dotted green lines painted on the paths to each numbered plaque identifying a tree species. A fun and education journey is awaiting all who follow the trail. For the tree locations see the map below or download the PDF.

Launched in 2007, the Fort Greene Park Tree Trail was created by a coalition of organizations which included the New York City Parks Department, the Urban Park Rangers, the Fort Greene Park Conservancy, Brooklyn Technical Services, the City of New York, and Boy Scout Troop 237 in Brooklyn, NY. (A full list of contributors follows this article.)

Take the Fort Greene Park Tree Trail Quiz!*
1. What tree's fruit gives off a pungent aroma?
2. Which tree is named for its ashy bark?
3. What tree has silver on the underside of its leaves?
4. Name two trees that leaves in bundles of five.
5. Name two different types of maple trees.
*Answers at page bottom.
Images, brochure and map courtesy of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.
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Download the brochure page 2
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Special thanks to:
Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor
Adrian Benepe, Parks Commissioner
Marty Markowitz, Borough President
Letitia James, City Council Member for the Fort Greene District
Julius Spiegel, Borough Commissioner
Charlie Gili, Chief of Operations
Andy Rabb, Brooklyn Director of Forestry
Jeffrey Sandgrund, Park Manager
Al Simoncini, Foreman of Mechanics, Brooklyn Technical Services Shop
Alberto Correa and the Urban Park Rangers
The Fort Greene Park Conservancy
Ryan O'Loughlin, Eagle Scout Candidate
Boy Scout Troop 237, Brooklyn, NY
1. Ginkgo
2. White Ash
3. Silver Linden
4. Black Pine, Eastern White Pine
5. Sugar Maple, Sycamore Maple
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